About us

About us

 I have loved the pembroke corgi since I was a child and was overjoyed to receive one as a gift in 1964 and so my wonderful journey with this breed began to the present day.

Along the way I have met and made friends from all round the world who share the same love that I do for this enchanting little dog.   

My thanks to Mary Winsone (Cordach) and Doris Mason (Revelmere) who sent me boys that have been a great influence in my breeding program.  All of these boys had superb temperaments that became evident in their offspring.

Many people have shared their knowledge with me along the way and to all of them a huge thank you!!!!!! 

 We are fortunate to have dogs from my small kennel winning major awards in the USA UK Europe and NZ and  we are thrilled to watch their offspring now being competitive at the highest levels.  I am honoured to be part of your pedigrees and wish you continued success in the show ring.

 And now I look forward to seeing what my journey holds for me in the future.



Contact Details

Gloria Woodward
p o box 41 Marburg, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]